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Our PetExpress allows for pet to be delivered door -to-door in a direct route. These trips are available with no restrictions on dates. Chose a date and we will arrive within a 1 day window. This trip may have other pets along the route. With one driver we are able to take care of all your pets needs. Our vans are divided up into custom kennels for each pet. The kennels are on tender foot (tender foot is a system that allow fluids and solids to fall below the pet to let them to say clean and dry) and made of vinyl (vinyl unlike plastic is very resistance to diseases) with two bowls giving them access to water and food during the whole trip. The following maybe provided during transport:

Health Certification written within 10 days of arrival (Required by LAW – USDA)
5 pounds of food (MAX)
Toys (must stay in kennel and be larger then pets mouth)
Pet Beds (must stay in kennel and if become soiled will be removed immediately)

Health Certification – A written health certification from a local or USDA vet with in 10 days of travel. Doing this will meet all requirements of travel.
Pet Food – We required the supply of pet food. We will only take up to 5 lbs of pet food.Photo ID – At arrival and departure we require a ID to confirm the ID of the customers.
Our pricing is based on Miles/Kilometers. Induced in PetExpress is door-to-door delivery, photo & video updates, food (2) & water (3) daily, human interaction 3 times daily, GPS tracking, Pet Protection, 1 Dog Walk per day and 24/7 contact. Find pricing below.

Military (10%) and Shelters discounts available.
Add-on: The following are not included and can be added onto your pets trip. PetProtection – No insurance company will cover your pet in a auto accident, to cover your pet during transportation add PetProtection for physical injury only. Dog Walks – To allow you dogs to stretch there legs we offer dog walks. GPS Tracking – Follow your pet along its journey with GPS Tracking via Google Maps. Kennel Size Upgrade – Want your pet to have more room upgrade to a larger kennel.

Logistics Ground in Asia Pacific
  •  Operating in all major countries and borders
  • Extensive services including: linehaul, Pick Up and Delivery (PUD), home delivery, milkrun, cross-border, courier and rail
  • Singapore to Shanghai cross-border service
  • China to Europe railway service: Innovative service balancing speed and cost; faster than Oceanfreight, cheaper than Airfreight
  • Linehaul China: 700 trucks a day, 6.25 million pallets moved yearly
Transportation across Europe
  • Multi-sector and multi-mode capabilities
  • Working with Pan-European players and niche specialists
  • Central control and network monitoring through the Control Tower
  • 450,000 tons managed a year
  • 40,000 shipments a year
  • 200 transport partners
  • Groupage/LTL/FTL
  • In Turkey, Logistics handles over 7,700 FTL trips a month
Logistics Ground in North America
  • Supports U.S. Domestic network through LTL/FTL services
  • Over 70,000 scheduled linehaul segments per year
  • Seven hubs and 62 stations
  • 7.5 million miles a month
  • 8,000 loads a month

To learn more about our ground transportation operations in North America and how we can support your business, please visit klmcargologistics.com.

Combining transport execution and transport management services

Through our global network of control towers and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to monitor and dynamically react to situations such as adverse weather, additional pick ups or drop offs, or heavy traffic, meaning that your goods are always travelling the most efficient route.

Our non-asset based Road network provides you with flexibility, improved service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

A courier service is a delivery service that is similar to shipping, but instead of shipping all of your deliveries are completed by a driver the same day. This ensures that your package is delivered on time with no delays and safely to it’s destination without it being bumped around during the shipping process.

Our express courier and delivery services can vary in terms of delivery time. We offer an express service where a courier will pick up and deliver your package direct with no stops in between; which is usually delivered in under 15 hours depending on your location. Other courier services we offer include a 24 hour delivery, 36 hour delivery, and a few days delivery which would deliver yours package before end of business week. Contact us for more details regarding the types of services we provide.

We will accept payments which are most convenient for you. Or you can pay by Bitcoin, Paypal, WorldRemit, Small World, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Bank to Bank, Gift Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Western Union, MoneyGram and other services which are convenient by you and us. Contact Customer Services and we will be happy to send you a form.

We support all palletised and bulk tank transport. Please contact us for any specific requirements.

We support all palletised and bulk tank transport. Please contact us for any specific requirements.

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